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CBD Manufacturing + Custom Formulations

Whether you’re a brand, a packager or a contract manufacturer who needs production assistance, Imbucanna provides innovative solutions to the challenges you face. Whatever oral solid dose (OSD) forms you can imagine, we possess the expertise and drive to make your aspirations a reality.

As a leader in dietary supplement and hemp-derived CBD manufacturing, we are committed to formulating products in ways never imagined. This allows us to not only provide you with a superior product, but it also enables you to keep up with rising trends in an ever-changing market.

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Innovative Formulations Designed to Compete

Health and wellness supplements have a wide appeal for every generation. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, consumers want products that both support and compliment their lifestyle. This provides a huge opportunity for brands to grow and introduce new product lines.

At Imbucanna, we make it easy to keep up with changes in consumer buying habits through innovative product development. Our aim is to produce cost-effective formulations without compromising on quality, giving you the opportunity to benefit from these trends with low minimums and competitive pricing. By adhering to stringent pharmaceutical grade standards and strict GMP practices, you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing your customers with the best of what the market has to offer. This allows you to not just compete, but also stay ahead of your competitors.

Our manufacturing process, however, allows us to do more than simply produce superior quality, oral solid dose hemp and dietary supplements. Thanks to our patent pending formulations, we are also able to produce products with a high concentration of active ingredients. From vitamins to CBD, we create success where other hemp and supplement manufacturers fail.

For instance, Imbucanna’s advanced, patent pending, directly compressible CBD granulations allow us to manufacture tiny, potent tablets and other oral solid dose forms from hemp. With the ability to create highly concentrated dosage forms, you won’t find a better, more economical solution for your brand.

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Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Services

At Imbucanna, we manufacture scalable, efficient, and efficacious oral solid dose forms of hemp and CBD products and nutritional supplements. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the formulation of new products, contract manufacturing, packaging, label design and printing. In addition, we are also a bulk supplier of highly functional excipients and intermediates.

Who We Serve

As the only B2B OSD contract manufacturer who specializes in hemp-based CBD products, we are leading the charge in forward-thinking product solutions. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we work with a diverse range of companies and go where other manufacturing facilities don’t or simply won’t, positioning us at the forefront of industry innovation.

From eliminating the pre-formulation steps needed to transform cannabis oil and isolates into compressible forms to offering intermediates and turnkey products, there’s nothing we aren’t willing to tackle to provide your business with the solutions it needs.

That’s why our innovation doesn’t end with product development. In addition, we are also involved in ongoing research and development in order to provide benchmarking data and other information that benefits the industry at large as well as the medical community.

No matter who you are, whether you’re repackaging white label products or seeking new formulas to expand your company’s portfolio, Imbucanna is the perfect manufacturer to fulfill your requirements without exception.

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Learn more about our principles and dedication to both quality and safety.

What We Offer

As the only solid dose cannabis and CBD contract manufacturer in Virginia, we are the leading expert in all oral solid dose forms of hemp. As such, we understand the challenges you face when it comes to consistent quality and dosing, labeling and competition.

In order to help you reach your company’s full potential and increase profit margins, we provide the following services and benefits for cannabis-based and dietary supplement brands and manufacturers.

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Why Choose Imbucanna As Your Manufacturer

As an FDA registered and GMP certified CBD manufacturing facility, we offer full, turnkey manufacturing of pharmaceutical quality products that allow you to quickly and effortlessly take your concept to market.

Our expansive portfolio of oral solid dose forms includes not just tablets and chewables, but also sublingual and buccal enteral routes of administration that have the potential to increase the bioavailability of active ingredients. This makes it effortless for brands and packagers to offer customers high quality, high concentration products that stand out from the crowd.

Our turnkey, private label branded products are an ideal solution for brands and dispensaries seeking to expand their portfolio offerings.

You’ll receive full technical support and personalized solutions throughout every step of the process. In addition to production, we also provide training, tutorials, and benchmarking data.

We streamline the process for contract manufacturers by eliminating the pre-formulation steps needed to transform cannabis oil and isolates into compressible form. Our patent pending, 75% directly compressible CBD and other intermediates allow for a wide range of oral solid dosage forms without substantial loss of concentration.

Imbucanna furnishes not only the excipients, but also the knowledge that allows companies to create their own formulations. This allows us to act as a one-stop shop for all raw material and finished product needs.

We are happy to contract individual processing steps you may need to bring your products to market. Whether you simply need packaging solutions, a granulation, or compression or encapsulation of your products, we fill in the missing pieces to streamline production for your business.

If you don’t have a design team on staff, we can help! From conception to design, we create product labels based on your brand requirements and FDA guidelines.

At Imbucanna, we believe that your success is our success. Therefore, we offer professional yet personalized, concierge service and product support to help your company grow. You won’t find another hemp contract manufacturer with our level of customized attention and dedication to finding the best solutions to your needs.

Our low minimums and economical pricing make it effortless to capitalize on market trends. This allows you to maximize profitability without taking excess risks that could affect your bottom line.

Partnership opportunities and cross-promotions are yet another way that we help brands expand their consumer reach and allow us to offer additional cost-saving benefits.

We understand how important it is for your brand to be the first to market with new formulations. Therefore, we pride ourselves on low minimum order quantities (MOQ’s), fast quotes and quick turnaround times.

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Your business deserves the best. Unlock your company’s full potential with Imbucanna. Contact us today to experience the impact we lend to your success.