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Simple, Safe and Economical Dosing

Canna Chews. Mints. Capsules. Effervescent Tabs. 

Regular Tablets. Orally Disintegrating. Powders. + More.  

As a GMP certified cannabis and dietary supplements manufacturer, we create solid dose products from raw materials. Whether you need assistance filling in manufacturing gaps, want custom formulations or white label products, we are here to help you bring economical, pharmaceutical quality products to market.

We provide businesses with ingredients that allow you to make your own products. From bulk excipients and intermediates to our own patent pending granulations, we offer low minimums on all materials to help your company explore new opportunities and create new product lines to further serve your customers’ needs.

Our dedication to science led us to our patent-pending granulation process. This highly compressible granulation allows us take cannabis products to new highs and produce oral solid dose forms without significant loss of concentration. This enables us to successfully create full-spectrum CBD mints, tablets, powders and effervescents.

About Us

Solid Dosage Expertise

Imbucanna was established in 2019 to meet the unfulfilled demand for solid dose product forms of hemp and CBD. As such, we are the only company dedicated to bringing brands and businesses a full range of custom-manufactured solid dosage products to the legal cannabis market. In order to guarantee consumer safety, our products are manufactured in a FDA-registered facility under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Quality is assured through full in-house analytical laboratory testing on all raw as well as the finished materials. 

custom CBD tablet formulations

◦ cbd mints ◦ effervescent tablets ◦ powders ◦ hemp capsules ◦ low minimums


The tablet is the most familiar, convenient and safe way to deliver medication. Over half of all new drug applications are in solid form. Your customers will appreciate a tiny mint over a big, sugary gummy!


For customers who want specific formulations and need a knowledgeable resource with the capacity to manufacture them, Imbucanna delivers a wide range of manufacturing and research services.


Our customers are looking for economical products that are differentiated from the competition. Whether it is mints, chews, tablets, or powders, Imbucanna offers a host of market-leading new products at cost-effective pricing.


Quality + Research Imbucanna values quality and research over anything else. All of our products undergo analytical and physical testing from start to finish. Solid dose delivers the precise-dosing your customers crave. Our GMP facility and patent-pending granulates are proof of our dedication. Read our patent application here:

◦ full-service manufacturing ◦ bulk ingredients ◦ white label products ◦ research + development ◦ customer service

Imbucanna has everything I need. I am really satisfied with my mint tablets. Our customers are crazy over them!

cbd tablet and mint manufacturing service

Work With An Industry Leader

We work closely with every client to provide premium customer service + top quality hemp-derived and cannabinoid products. Contact us now to discover how Imbucanna can improve your product portfolio through our custom formulations.

Want to learn more about our capabilities as Virginia’s only solid dose CBD manufacturer? Explore our manufacturing page to learn how Imbucanna can propel your business forward with profitable solutions.

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