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About Us

About Imbucanna: Virginia’s Only Solid Dosage Experts

Imbucanna was founded in 2019 to cater to the needs of a rapidly evolving industry. We are the only company dedicated to bringing a full range of custom-manufactured, solid dosage products to the legal cannabis market. Our patent pending hemp and CBD formulations and products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In addition, we also conduct comprehensive in-house analytical laboratory tests on both raw and finished materials to guarantee quality from start to finish.

Who We Are

The first and only full-service cannabis and CBD manufacturer in Virginia, our company is nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Boasting both a highly knowledgeable and diverse staff, our team is dedicated to the success of your business.

Oral solid dose is the most economical and most familiar form of medicament. As such, we are eager to introduce the cannabis industry to quality, convenient, GMP quality products and research.

As a leader at the forefront of reliable innovation, we are committed to research, development, design, and the manufacturing of oral solid dose hemp and dietary supplements. We serve brands, retailers, and dispensaries as well as start-up supplement companies, packagers and contract manufacturers in need of production assistance.

We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service in combination with safety and quality, while also simplifying the manufacturing process to enable your company to focus on sales and profitability.

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leading manufacturer in cannabis innovation

Our Principles

Imbucanna principally operates on three primary pillars — Contract Manufacturing, Raw Materials, and Quality — and provides brand building and related services through its Product Development segment.

Commitment to Public Health + Safety

Our commitment is to the end user — the patient. Our goal is to produce economical, high-quality, easy to use and familiar dosage forms that are widely recognized by the public.

Therefore, Imbucanna was founded on pharmaceutical principles of safety and sustainability. We are recognized as the leading source for all things solid dose in hemp and cannabis. Additionally, all of our formulations and product developments are conducted in a safe and compliant laboratory environment with the consumer in mind.

Dedication to Your Brand + Ideas

As a company we believe in and support small manufacturers. Our objective is not only help you build your own solid dose products, but to also provide you with the tools you need to create successful outcomes.

You can count on us to teach you how to make your own solid dose products. Not only do we provide you with all the raw materials necessary, but we also supply the know-how you need for favorable results.

We strongly believe in our products — their competitive nature, differentiation, safety and quality. Therefore, we are dedicated to working with you on building a solid dose portfolio of products that allow you to introduce your customers to new, high-quality medication as well as unsurpassed health and wellness supplements.

Quality, Dependability + Trust

Imbucanna operates on standards designed to assist you with achieving your goals with end-user satisfaction in mind. They are as follows.

The tablet, as a form of medication, is the most economical dosage form available. We can help you overcome manufacturing challenges associated with this product form without compromising the concentration of active ingredients for a stable, cost-effective product.

Our facilities are equipped to handle low MOQs and large commercial orders that require more resources and capacity. Whatever your order size may be, we have the capability to deliver quality products efficiently and effectively.

Our laboratory and manufacturing building is based in the Star City of the South, within the beautiful Roanoke Valley. It is certified GMP, FDA registered, and fully compliant with all local and federal regulations.

End users feel safe taking solid dose medication, knowing its long tradition of quality, precision in dosing, and ease of use. Not only is the product form familiar, but it also simplifies travel concerns many consumers face.

All of our vendors undergo a thorough GMP audit, including various testing of multiple lots of their products. This is in combination with vigorous quality checks throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

Our company doesn’t just manufacture nutritional supplements. We can also supply a large range of raw ingredients, excipients, and pharmaceutical grade intermediates.

GMP certified cannabis manufacturing for oral solid dose forms
pharmacuetical quality cbd mints tablets chewables
patent pending highly compressible cbd granulation for OSD tablets and mints

Manufacturing for Hemp + Dietary Supplements

Imbucanna provides groundbreaking, solid dosage cannabinoid and CBD formulations. Our mission is to offer familiar, conventional, economical, and easy to dispense pharmaceutical quality tablets, mints, chewables, capsules, effervescent tabs, and intermediate and raw material powders. We will help build your brandincrease your profit margin, and provide your customers with a dosage form they recognize.

By working with an industry leader, your company will reap the benefits. As a full-service manufacturer of hemp products and nutritional supplements, you can expect the highest level of service in everything we offer. This includes, but is not limited to the following.

Low MOQ's

Low minimum orders for all of our offerings, including both bulk ingredients and ready-to-market products.

Solid Dosage Forms

Manufacturing of all oral solid dose forms including tablets, capsules, powders, mints and chewables.

CBD Manufacturer

A willingness to work with raw cannabis oil to produce CBD and other hemp derived products to create pharmaceutical quality solutions.

Large Portfolio

Our huge selection of in-stock products are designed to save you time. Whether you need ready to brand products you can take straight to the retail market or the excipients and intermediates necessary to create your own formulations, our product availability is unsurpassed.

White Label Products

From concept to the finished product, our turnkey solutions allow us produce not only custom formulations, but we also handle the manufacturing, packaging and labeling necessary for shelf-ready products for your business.

Custom Formulations

We are always excited to create any formulations you may need to fill in gaps in your manufacturing process in addition to producing finished product forms based on your requirements.

Research + Development

As an innovator in the hemp industry, we conduct and provide ongoing research, testing and white papers.

Cocierge Customer Service

Imbucanna provides unparalleled client service with a focus on building lasting partnerships.

Packaging + Design

Our design services, private labeling and packaging solutions expedite the time it takes to get your commodity to market. We can also ensure that labels are FDA compliant, allowing you to confidently launch new product lines.

Learn more about our CBD manufacturing capabilities and the services we provide.

Equipment + Formulation Capabilities

As the only manufacturer of oral solid dose forms of hemp and cannabis supplements in Virginia, our facility adheres to the strictest standards to bring you the very best. We do this by offering these key services.

In-House Laboratory

An in-house laboratory for developing proprietary formulations and custom, oral solid dose products. In-house labs improve quality control, decision-making, and efficiency. This allows us to test products during production stages, prevent issues like batch failures, and identify and solve problems quickly.

Modern Equipment

The use of modern machinery and equipment for manufacturing improves production efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances product quality and consistency. It also enables us to meet regulatory requirements and keep up with industry innovations.

Clean Manufacturing Practices

We utilize clean label manufacturing practices to ensure that the final product is free from harmful contaminants such as residual solvents, heavy metals, and microbial impurities. This helps to guarantee the safety, efficacy, and quality of medicaments and improves the overall sustainability and environmental impact of the production process. To further ensure quality and transparency, a certificate of analysis (COA) is provided with every order, guaranteeing the purity and potency of our products.

Fast Turnaround Times

Quick production times not only increase efficiency, but they also reduce costs allowing you to meet customer demands in a timely manner and give a competitive edge in the market.

Controlled Environment

Our products are produced in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment with air filtration, ensuring quality and consistency. These areas are essential to create premium products free from impurities.

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Bulk Suppliers of Raw Excipients and Intermediates

Bulk Supplier of Raw Excipients and Intermediates for manufacturing

While our advanced manufacturing process benefits brands and pioneering companies within the industry, we also provide services for companies and contract manufacturers who need additional support producing their own products. Therefore, we also offer:


  • Premium quality raw materials. Not only will you receive the best pricing on our line of raw excipients and intermediates, but you can also rest assured that our bulk ingredients meet the most stringent purity standards.
  • Patent pending granulations. If you are struggling with in-process steps for your formulations, our cannabinoid and hemp granulations remove the guesswork and struggle by providing highly compressible granulations without loss of concentration.

Contributions to the Virginia Hemp Industry

cannabis research and development

As a leader in Virginia’s hemp manufacturing industry, we go above and beyond product formulation and production. Our innovation also allows us to contribute to the advancement of science in Virginia and across the globe. As such we hold ourselves to the highest standards by furnishing ongoing research and educational information. This includes the following contributions.

Publishing data is vital for industry leaders as it enhances transparency and accountability, fosters innovation and collaboration, and addresses issues like inequality and environmental impact.

Informative content educates the public on the benefits and uses of hemp, promotes transparency and trust within the industry, and provides guidance for businesses to comply with regulations and best practices. Additionally, they also help to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding cannabis, which encourages further research and innovation in the field.

These presentations allow us to share our knowledge, insights, and best practices as well as encourage dialogue and new partnerships with industry professionals. The goal is to develop new ideas, identify emerging trends, and the disseminate important information that drives innovation within both the Virginia hemp industry and the national market.

Benchmarking and comparison studies are crucial to hemp industry research as they allow researchers to evaluate and improve existing methods and technologies as well as identify strengths and weaknesses This leads to the development of more effective solutions, improved technologies, and a better understanding of underlying mechanisms. Such studies also facilitate collaboration and foster innovation and advancements in the field.

Education on quality standards is vital because it enables companies to produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. In addition, this knowledge allows one to identify and eliminate defects, reduce waste, and streamline their own manufacturing processes. Not only does this foster a culture of continuous improvement in a competitive business environment, it can also enhance brand reputation and build trust with stakeholders to achieve long-term success.

We are breaking new ground by manufacturing highly functional products and intermediates that employ advanced pharmaceutical technologies yet to be applied to the cannabis industry in oral solid dose forms. This sets the standard for fresh innovation by providing convenient, yet revolutionary consumer alternatives.

By making GMP oral solid dose (OSD) forms of cannabis available for researchers and doctors, we hope to further encourage the study of cannabis in order to explore patient benefits and provide progressive therapies.

Are you ready to work with a forward-thinking leader in the cannabis manufacturing market? Contact us to discover how we create certainty through chemical mastery. Position your company ahead of the competition today.

Founder’s Note

I want to thank the research team, staff, investors, and everyone that has supported our vision of bringing quality, convenient, and economical dosing of hemp and cannabis products to market. We will always rely in our coiucts, from our raw materials quality standards, to our dedication to research and product functionality. 

CEO: Leo Mendez