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Choosing a contract manufacturer for your dietary supplement brand doesn’t need to be difficult. At Imbucanna, we reduce the challenges your company faces with turn-key solutions for every step of the manufacturing process. From product development to packaging, our facility formulates and produces natural, oral solid dose remedies for health and wellbeing to unlock your business’ untapped potential.


If you’re ready to propel your brand forward, we have the expertise to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. As a company, we strive to surpass your expectations as your supplements manufacturing partner by providing superior quality, pharmaceutical grade products that are GMP and FDA certified. From start to finish, you’ll save time, save money, and create success by working with an industry leader positioned at the forefront of new and advancing innovation.

Paving the way for Progress

A New Era of Supplement Manufacturing

We understand that bringing a product to the marketplace entails more than just the product itself. It also involves your brand, reputation, and competitive position. Our goal is to ensure that we design nutritional health and wellness products that outperform those of other manufacturers. Our groundbreaking solutions will assist you in confidently expanding your product portfolio to create a new era of supplements that blend nature with science.

Whether you choose one of our proprietary, patent pending formulations, provide your own, or need completely customized product development, we have your back. Our team possesses the experience, knowledge and qualifications to create any oral solid dose formulations you can imagine without sacrificing quality or concentration.

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Health Supplement Products We Manufacture

As a cutting-edge manufacturer located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Imbucanna takes old school herbals and reimagines them into new school forms that health-conscious consumers love. Discover the impact our economical, white label dietary products offer by providing your customers with convenient, easy to administer delivery systems.

We produce finished, GMP quality, Dietary supplements
in the following oral solid dosage forms:

Our highly concentrated pills are not just easy to swallow. Our enterically coated tablets can also be formulated as extended or time-release tablets for sustained or delayed action within the body.

Chewable tablets and mints are a simple solution for seniors who experience difficulty swallowing pills or capsules. They offer a palatable option for consumers, in your choice of flavoring, without sacrificing the quality or efficacy of the active ingredients they contain. In addition, this solid dose form is gentle enough for stomach sensitivities and allows for easy absorption of all active ingredients.

Encased in either hard or soft soluble shells, capsules are a simple dosage form for nutritional health and wellness supplements. The active ingredients are contained within the outer container and swallowed in the same manner as film, sugar-coated or enteric-coated tablets.

In line with both sublingual and buccal tablets, this pill form also dissolves in the mouth. However, they do so more quickly, generally within seconds, and do not require an additional liquid for activation.

Also known as carbon tablets, this solid dose product form is designed to dissolve in water. As it does, carbon dioxide is released. This allows for enhanced absorption of the active ingredients and also hastens the onset of action with up to four times the bioavailability of ordinary tablet forms. In addition to tablets, effervescences are also available in powdered form.

In pharmaceutics, powders are another solid dose form comprised of finely divided active and inactive ingredients designed to be internally ingested. One of the oldest forms of dosage, this product form of nutrition supplements may be formulated with or without excipients. They tend to be more stable, with quick action and an extended shelf life compared to other product forms.

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Services We Offer

We do more than provide white label nutritional supplements to brands. We also fill in gaps in your own manufacturing process. From your concept to the finished product, and everything in between, Imbucanna’s capabilities reach far beyond basic manufacturing to provide you with extraordinary solutions to your business needs.

Here at Imbucanna, we provide the following contract manufacturing and other services to give your business a competitive advantage.

Custom Oral Solid Dose Formulations

We work with you to develop pharmaceutical grade formulas to produce a better product than you’ll find elsewhere with quality, compliance and confidentiality.

Patent Pending Granulates + Bulk Intermediates

We offer a large portfolio of bulk intermediates, including directly compressible forms of hemp and CBD that you won’t find elsewhere.

Full Contract Manufacturing

From beginning to end we produce superior quality, nutritional supplements based on your specs without sacrificing concentration.

Fill Gaps in Manufacturing

Our team of experts can fill in any gaps you are unable to resolve in your own manufacturing process. No job is too big or too small for us to conquer.

Market Ready Dietary Formulas

Need a product ready for market today? Our groundbreaking, white label dietary supplements provide exactly what your business needs to launch your brand or extend your product line. We feature low minimums without extensive wait times.

Packaging + Labeling

To assist with the expansion of your product portfolio, Imbucanna offers packaging and labeling for a market ready product. In addition, we’re also happy to assist in choosing the best packaging for products with durability through shipping and storage in mind.

Dietary Supplement Label Design

If design is a challenge, we’re happy to design health and wellness product labels unique to your brand. Our design team will work closely with your company to develop aesthetically pleasing labels that stand out from the crowd.

Label analysis

Determining how to label dietary supplements can be a challenge for most companies. Therefore, we provide label analysis to ensure you fall within FDA labeling guidelines and aren’t making unsubstantiated medical claims.   

Product Testing

We test any of the formulations we manufacture. This includes, but is not limited to, testing for allergens, potency, quality and shelf life. Additionally, we can also supply your company with white papers that support the results and may be used for marketing purposes.

Ready to revolutionize your dietary supplement product line? Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand reach new plateaus with pharmaceutical quality, oral solid dose formulations.

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The Imbucanna Advantage

The advantages of choosing Imbucanna as your dietary supplements manufacturer are endless. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your product offerings, you can trust us to fulfill your requirements without exception.

When you choose Imbucanna as your contract manufacturing partner, you can rest easy knowing you made the best decision. Here are just a few of the many reasons we are the best choice to manufacture your next bestseller.

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Our goal is not to simply manufacture your wellness line, but to also build your brand. We provide support through every step of the process to propel your brand to the next level. Whether you’re a nationally recognized company or a startup, we provide you with not just production assistance, but also the tools, resources and education necessary for growth and success.

Unlike other companies, we are not a broker. Rather, we are a true dietary supplements manufacturer specializing in oral solid dose formulations. Based in the USA, Imbucanna is fully GMP certified, FDA-registered manufacturer. Our facility is equipped to provide you with everything you need throughout every stage of the manufacturing process including the ability to fill in any manufacturing gaps your business may face.

Our company doesn’t just manufacture nutritional supplements. We can also supply a large range of raw ingredients, excipients, and pharmaceutical grade intermediates.

Our company doesn’t just manufacture nutritional supplements. We can also supply a large range of raw ingredients, excipients, and pharmaceutical grade intermediates.

An extensive line of market ready and patent pending formulas take the guesswork out of formulating new supplements. We’ll work with you to choose the best fit for your brand.

Customer relationships are extremely important to us. Therefore, our customer service is unparalleled. We strive to provide personal yet professional service and support with unsurpassed resolutions to any challenges you may face.

Our facility is FDA registered and GMP certified. This means that we meet the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to ensure the safety, quality, and purity of every product we produce.

Short lead times mean quick turnaround. Whether you need turn-key service or something in between, we manufacture your dietary supplements to the highest standards in the shortest time the process allows.

We have low manufacturing minimums to encourage innovation. Not only does make it easy to test new dietary supplement product formulations, but it also reduces the risk of excess inventory or waste.

Imbucanna offers economical pricing to increase your profit margins without sacrificing what matters most – concentration and quality.

A panel of PhD experts on the Advisory board provides additional support as needed, offering guidance and recommendations based on their extensive knowledge and research in the industry.

Let’s connect! Unlock your business’ untapped potential in the consumer health market. Contact us now to start the process of formulating your next natural wellness product with the first and only contract manufacturer in Virginia.

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